Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Rookie! Rookie! Rookie!

Are any of you old enough to remember the TV show "The Rookies"? I don't remember much about it but if it were remade today, Barack Obama could play the role of the black guy. I think the actor in the original series was Georg Stanford Brown.

Why doesn't Obama just tell the people of the UK that they are a bunch of stuffed-shirt, snooty, white people who he doesn't care for? And that he really doesn't know anything about England/The UK because he's never studied the foundations of America and where we came from. I would bet he knows more about Kenya than he does about the UK.

By the way Rookie, England is one member country of the UK. It is not the UK. The UK is not England. There are other countries that you dissed in your address to the peoples there, including the home land of British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Hopefully he didn't hear you. Maybe he was off trying to figure out how to play those bargain bin Region 1 DVDs you gave him as a gift on his trip here.

The iPod you gave the Queen with photos and video from here 2007 trip to the States was an okay idea, until you decided to put your speeches on it. A little conceited, aren't we?

Barry, you are such a rookie. Let's pray that we can survive four years of a rookie president.

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