Friday, April 03, 2009

Obama Rolls Over For G20; Sells Out America

As much as I would like to give an RSCCM award for this outrage, this doesn't fall under the category of being a moron. This is utter, unconscionable hatred for what America has always stood for.

The Socialist Summit (um, you might know it as the G20) has been nothing short of a disaster. Obama is right at home. The only problem is, the other socialist leaders are pushing him around and he's lying down like a submissive dog.

In his address, Obama basically threw American sovereignty under the bus. America should never allow itself to be ruled by foreign powers but Obama has given them the green light and the promise that we will be subservient to them. To further drive the point home, Obama bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia which indicates he is submitting. Great job rookie!

Is there anything Obama can do to further prove that he is a socialist? He can say he is not a socialist but until he denounces socialist policies then he is a socialist.

If we don't get this guy out of office ASAP we are in big, big trouble. For all you trolls and Secret Service eyeballs, that is not an endorsement for assassination. I mean we need to find a legal method to remove this dangerous rookie from office.

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