Tuesday, March 31, 2009

RSCCM Gold Award: Barney Frank

My homophobic redneck gene is starting to rear its ugly head. At this moment I would like to take Barney Frank into a dark alley and beat him until he is senseless - which wouldn't even require me to hit him.

Why is Barney Frank on my list today? Because of the absolute moronic, socialistic legislation he is trying to push onto this country.

Barney Elmer Fudd's "Pay for Performance Act of 2009" is the most overtly socialist thing I've heard from Washington since Obama won the White House competition. Barney Fudd wants the government to have control over and decide what ALL EMPLOYEES of companies that received bailout money should be paid. Can anyone else see what a travesty to freedom this is? What an attack on the American way of life is?

Barney Fudd should be impeached and any other moron that voted for this outrageous bill. All I have to say to the companies that came running to the government for a handout is, this is what you get. You make a deal with the devil and the devil makes the rules. Now you're all going to burn in government hell.

H/T: Matt Drudge

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