Sunday, April 12, 2009

Navy 4, Pirates 0

The United States Navy has sent a loud and clear message to pirates. "If you kidnap Americans, we will kill you." Now that is MY United States. I am having a very hard time believing Obama had anything to do with this. My guess is that he just stayed out of the way of the Navy and that is the best thing he could do.

One pirate was on the USS Bainbridge negotiating the release of Captain Phillips. Apparently, something went awry and one of the pirate captors stood up in the lifeboat where Captain Phillips was being held and pointed an AK-47 at him. This triggered an order for snipers to take out all three pirates on the lifeboat. All snipers fired simultaneously killing the three pirates. The fourth pirate who was on the USS Bainbridge was taken into custody. Captain Phillips was rescued.

Moral: The United States does not negotiate with terrorists.

H/T: HotAir


Quidam said...

Of course Obama had nothing to do with it. Just like Bush had nothing to do with it in the past years when pirates roamed freely and the Navy didn't do much of anything. Obviously anything that says 'Democrat' is 'BAD' and anything that says 'Republican' is 'GOOD'.
Must be comforting to have such 'independent' thoughts rolling around in your head.

Red State Conservative said...

Quidam, if you read my blog, you will see there are numerous posts where Republicans get hammered. I am a conservative first and foremost. When a so-called Republican (i.e. Bush, McCain, Specter, Graham, Snowe, etc.) does things or says things that are not in line with my conservative beliefs, rest assured they will be harangued in this blog.

Yes, my thoughts are independent of the Republican Party.

Thank you for taking the time to comment.