Friday, April 10, 2009

Heroes Of The Day: Karl Rove And Ari Fleischer

It's really too bad that the average conservative or Republican can't unload on these morons in the media, in Congress, on federal court benches, and now in the White House. I could be referring to one of many morons in the White House but in this instance I am referring to the greatest of all administration morons, Joe Biden.

On Tuesday, Biden made the claim that he rebuked President Bush in the Oval Office regarding his leadership skills. Bush aides have denied that any such conversation ever took place. Of course, Biden has been unable or unwilling to provide a date that this alleged conversation took place.

This outrageous statement went completely unchallenged in the media until yesterday when Karl Rove, on Fox News, called Joe Biden a "serial exaggerator" and a "liar." Karl, thank you for saying what should be the overwhelming theme in the mainstream news but is instead, being completely ignored.

Next, MSNBC moron Peter Alexander questioned former Bush White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer about Rove's comments and asked him if it was good for the GOP or the Obama administration for Rove to make such comments. Fleischer had two good responses.

Well, frankly, my question is, where is the press in all of this? If Dick Cheney had said that he had a private meeting with Bill Clinton and he in that meeting told Bill Clinton that Bill Clinton was wrong, I think all the press would have said to Cheney, “When did you do it? Back it up. Where are the dates?” There's no scrutiny here for Joe Biden and that's why I wonder why the issue is what Karl said?
Then Alexander asks Fleischer if calling Biden a "liar" is over the top. This response from Fleischer is priceless.
Well, for heaven's sake, that's just about the only word Democrats wanted to use when they were talking about George W. Bush. If it was good enough for last eight years and people didn't question the tactic I don't know why they question it now...
Karl Rove gets an A for telling it like it is. Ari Fleischer gets an A+ for telling it like it is and rubbing it in the media's face.


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