Thursday, March 26, 2009

RSCCM Award Update

Since creating the Red State Conservative Certified Moron Award I have realized there are levels of certified moronism. To accommodate this, I have created the following awards:

RSCCM Bronze Award: For those who slightly moronic, i.e., John McCain wanting to spend $300 billion to buy up mortgages from homeowners

RSCCM Silver Award: For those moments when someone is decidedly moronic, i.e., Chris Matthews saying that Obama sends a tingle up his leg

RSSCCM Gold Award: This is the coup de gras of moronism. This award is reserved for the utterly moronic. Examples are anything Al Gore says about global warming, anything Keith Olbermann says, and most of the things Jimmy Carter says, for whom this award was fashioned after.

I am currently working on a RSCCM Lifetime Achievement Award which will only be given to those who have proven themselves to be habitual morons.

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