Monday, March 23, 2009

RSCCM Award: Barack Obama (UPDATED)

You knew this was coming. I mean, how long could the President of the United Socialist States go without winning the most coveted award in all of liberalism?

It is not my job to study foreign policy. However, I know more than the entire Obama administration combined. I know who the President of Russia is and how to pronounce his name (take notes Hillary). And I know Region 1 DVD's are an insulting gift to give to a foreign head of state, especially the Prime Minister of Britain.

I also know who the President of France is. Obamadorks, listen up! His name is Nicolas Sarkozy. Not Jacques Chirac. Sarkozy has been in office for the past two years.

So, for sending a letter to Jacques Chirac pledging our friendship and cooperation, Barack Obama is awarded the RSCCM Award (Red State Conservative Certified Moron). Congratulations!

UPDATE: Look, I know Barack Obama (or a staff member) knew he was not sending a letter to the current President of France. However, it was a really stupid gesture. He needs to be working with Nicolas Sarkozy instead of Jacques Chirac. Obama is a socialist to his rotten core.

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