Sunday, February 08, 2009

Hypocrisy Has Come To America

Within days of Barack Obama winning the popularity contest last November, his supporters (primarily his personal cheerleading squad, which we call the mainstream media) began to talk about how we all need to come together to support Obama. Some even said those who do not are racist.

The mainstream media has become vitriolic towards Republicans and conservatives. Their treatment of these groups goes way beyond unfair. This is reminiscent of the Christians being thrown to the lions in ancient Rome.

Just a few months ago the left aimed that same vitriol at President Bush, Vice President Cheney, Karl Rove, and anyone else who dared to call themselves a Republican. Where was the need to come together then? Where was the need to support our president as a collective nation?

In the last few months I have become prejudiced. I am not a racist nor do I hate people of other races. But I am prejudiced against hypocritical liberals in the media, Hollywood, Washington DC, urban America, and anywhere else they can be found.

I am sick of their lies. I am sick of their hatred. I am sick of their attacks. I am sick of their hypocrisy.

As conservatives we had better get control of this country or the only thing that will be left is what is written in the history books. Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!

Image Source: Chris Matthews' Leg


Anonymous said...

Do you feel kinda dirty too about being so prejudiced? Every time I see a car with an Obama bumper sticker on it still I curse under my breath and beat back the urge to rear end them. There seems to be this nanna-nanna boo-boo attitude amongst libs that says "we won, you lost, get over it." Obama even pulled some of this in regards to his "stimulus" bill.

I for one am looking forward to better days in 2010, but we will have to come together as conservatives to not just denounce the liberal agendas of the last few years, but come together to control the conversation in the next election.

Red State Conservative said...

Nick, you are exactly right. For too long Republicans/conservatives have been on the defensive which is nuts! We have all the right answers! We MUST move to offense in the next election or we are doomed.