Monday, February 02, 2009

A Nation Led By Chicken Littles

I have sat back and listened to so-called "experts" on everything from the economy to health issues to climate change. What I have discovered is there is very little difference between them. The doomsayers crawl out from under their rocks on each issue.

One has to wonder where these people come from. What is their background? How is it they can call themselves an "expert?"

Since the 1960's, test scores for American students have been declining. I won't use this post to explain all of the reasons for this but I can summarize it in one word - liberalism. Our schools have de-emphasized critical subjects like math and science while increasing emphasis on the arts, self-esteem, and social tolerance.

What has been the result? A dumbing-down of American students. Eventually, those dumbed-down students become dumbed-down graduates. (Well, some of them.) Then some of those dumbed-down graduates grow up and become dumbed-down college graduates. They finally work their way into jobs where they provide us with dumbed-down responses to situations and crises.

De-emphasis on math and science has led to a poor understanding of economics, the human body and its processes, weather data, and a lot more. Combine that with liberalism and you have the recipe for a doomsayer.

Our prognostications are now based on emotions instead of the firm foundations of science and data. We have become a nation led by Chicken Littles. The sky is not falling. The economy is not falling into the abyss. We are not destroying our bodies with every breath or bite of food. We are not causing climate change with our activities. These are all myths contrived and propagated by liberals who have no data to back up their claims. They speak not from knowledge but from the lack of it.

We survived FDR and Jimmy Carter. We will survive Obama, Pelosi, and Reid. In the process we may experience some difficult times but we are not headed for oblivion like the hysterical liberals would like you to believe.

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