Monday, February 09, 2009

Who's The President Of Russia?

If you don't know who it is, look it up. If you do, say it with me:

med' - ve - dev

For some reason Democratic presidential candidates can't seem to remember who the President of Russia is.

In a primary debate, Hillary Clinton stumbled all over the place trying to come up with the name before finally calling him 'whatever'. Hey Madame Secretary of State, is that any way to strengthen relations with Russia?

Today, after fielding a question from the queen of the liberal press Helen Thomas, Obama proceeded to call the Russian president "med - yed' - ev." (starts at 2:15 mark)

Since Russia is probably in the top three greatest threats to the security of this nation, we should know who their leaders are. FYI, the other two are China and liberals. Not Al Qaeda and not Iran.

So for all of you libs out there who thought George W. Bush was a dunce, what do you think about Obama?

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