Friday, January 23, 2009

Only White Males Are Smart And Qualified. Just Ask Any Liberal.

How do businesses hire employees? What criteria do they use to judge a candidate for a position? Do resumes list the gender, race, or sexual orientation of a candidate?

Businesses look at the criteria that are relevant to a candidates ability (or inability) to perform a job. Some businesses hire based on fear of the government auditing their "diversity" or fear of a minority non-profit organization extorting money from them. (Can you say "Rainbow Coalition" and "National Action Network"?)

Don't we (or shouldn't we) choose our elected officials in the same way that businesses hire employees? Based on qualifications? The answer is "yes".

Instead, political races are more like American Idol - the most popular candidate wins regardless of his or her qualifications. Just look at Barack Obama. John McCain had more experience and was tremendously more qualified. But Obama was younger and had a smooth tongue. And he had and even greater advantage - he was black.

Before all of you liberals have a knee-jerk reaction to that and label me as a "racist", keep reading. If you don't you have no right to comment.

We were repeatedly told by the media that if Barack Obama lost it would be because he is black. We were repeatedly told that if Hillary did not get the Democratic nomination it was because she was a woman. Now we're being told that Caroline Kennedy was forced to drop her bid to replace Hillary in the U.S. Senate why? Because she's a woman.

You see, according to liberals, the elected officials in the federal government are a white male club only. Blacks and women need not apply. What is funny is that they don't realize how stupid that sounds. What gender is the Speakerette of the House? What gender is the person who Caroline Kennedy was trying to replace? (no jokes, please) What color is the current President of the United States?

If their minority status is what keeps them from getting elected, then their minority status is also what gets them elected. That was the predominant factor that put Obama in the White House.

That means the criteria that actually matters and makes the fit for a job is secondary. If they can't win on that criteria alone then they aren't qualified for the job in the first place. That is the logical conclusion if you think through what the liberals are always contending - that blacks and women can't get elected because they are not male and white.

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