Saturday, January 24, 2009

If Emperor Obama Wants War, That's What He'll Get

I am seething and probably should not be writing this now. I should wait until I've cooled off but I have got to get this off of my chest.

Barack Hussein Obama is an arrogant, manipulative, scheming excuse for a President of the United States. He is not there to help America. He is not there to improve America's economy. He is not there to improve our standing in the world. He is there to bring greater power to the Democratic party and to browbeat the spineless Republicans into agreeing with everything the Democrats do.

Listen up, Republicans. If you bow to Obama and the Dems we will replace you with people who have backbone and will stand up to this pseudo-emperor.

Obama essentially told the GOP in Congress that they must drop conservatism if they want to work with Democrats. As a conservative I am HIGHLY OFFENDED!!

Obama, you have now picked a fight. You were going to bring change. You were going to work together with everyone. What a load of crap that was!

Now I am going to say it loud and clear - I hope you fail miserably! I hope you fall flat on your face. How dare you?


Jerry said...

If it's possible to have my cake and eat it to, then I want to see this guy fail while at the same time see this country succeed. I know that might not be possible with this clown in office, but I'm truly not rooting for him in the least, I just can't. Every day I read something new he has said or done, and I just want to see him and his pathetic excuse for an administration fail miserably. Yeah I realize this means a Conservative will have to come in and clean up the mess (yet again), but so be it. The sooner this dictator fails the better, and I don't feel any less of an American in saying that. In fact it feels great!! Thank you Rush Limbaugh for opening the eyes of so many Conservatives out there, we don't always need to be Mr. Nice Guy or Gal. The Country comes first before any one man.

Southern Girl said...

why can't the Democrats drop the liberalism and work with the Conservatives? Ugh. Double standards surround me these days.