Tuesday, January 20, 2009

January 20, 2009: National Jerk Day

Today, January 20, 2009, was a very special day for me. I have waited for this day for many months. It is my 19th Anniversary. It is also my brother-in-law's 32nd birthday. Something else was happening today but I can't quite remember what it was.

After watching the news reels and reading news sites I finally remembered. Today must be National Jerk Day.

So much for Obama and the era of reconciliation of races and cultures. Today was a day of divisiveness between blacks and whites, and snobby, elite liberals and middle class Americans.

JERK #1: Reverend Joseph Lowry who was invited to offer an inaugural prayer. Rev. Lowry could have been neutral. He could have even made references to helping the poor and I would have been okay with it. But nooooooo!!!! He had to bring class warfare and racial division into his prayer. Here's a snippet:

...help us work for that day when black will not be asked to get back, when brown can stick around; when yellow will be mellow; when the red man can get ahead, man; and when white would embrace what is right.
Translation: White people account for all of the evil that exists in this world and that every other race is being cheated of their rightful success by whites.


JERK #2: Tom Brokaw. There have been times I thought Tom Brokaw wasn't a complete idiot. Those days are long gone. Only a complete idiot would allow this to come out of his mouth:
Having been in the South in the '60s and Los Angeles, in Watts and northern urban areas, when we were evolving as a country, I'm thinking of all the bigots and rednecks and people I met along the way. I'm saying to them, "Take this." You know?
I will not sit by quietly and be called a bigot and a redneck by an arrogant, self-centered, holier-than-thou, guilt-ridden, bleeding heart liberal. Mr. Brokaw, mind your own business! Take care of yourself and your own attitudes. Get the plank out of your eye before you start criticizing the speck of dust in mine. I am not easily offended but you have managed to cross that line!

I couldn't give a rat's tail that Obama is black. It means less than nothing to me. You see, I don't vote for or against people because of their skin color. I don't judge a person by their skin color. It is hypocritical liberals like you who constantly divide people by skin color, social class, gender, sexual orientation, etc.

Why don't you spend some time trying to pull your head out of your butt and judge people by the content of their character? Sound familiar?

Until you do, don't you DARE criticize me or anyone else!

JERK #3: The gaggle of inauguration attendees who chanted "Hey, Hey, Goodbye!" as President Bush's helicopter flew away. What a bunch of moronic ingrates! They don't have a flipping clue what President Bush did for them. Not a flipping clue! Well, they are going to find out sometime in the next four years, mark my words. Jerks!

This past presidential campaign has been nothing more than a combination of American Idol, a concert, and a sporting event. At the end of the day it really doesn't matter a hill of beans who wins American Idol or even the Super Bowl. But the morons who voted for Obama are too stupid to realize that. They think this is some kind of popularity contest and their favorite contestant won. Now you will learn how important it is to elect public officials based on their ability to lead and not on their charisma. I just hope you grow up enough in the process not to repeat it again.


Jerry said...

I'm afraid it's going to be a long 4 years. I haven't been able to find any TV channel in just the last few days that can't mention Obama at least once per hour. It's sickening.

Southern Girl said...

Jerk #4:
Those that voted for Obama and KNOW that you didn't...all of a sudden are accusing you of "hating America."

Jerk #5:
"Should I just "defriend" anyone that doesn't support Obama? Would that be just too harsh?" --quote from Facebook

Uh--whatever happened to being open minded and welcoming? Apparently, now that only applies to Obama's sheeple.

Ahh...Unity. What a beautiful word.