Thursday, November 20, 2008

Waxman To Solve Global Warming - Blows Out Sun With Nostrils

I had a difficult time titling this post because it covers multiple subjects. But leave it to a liberal to make this confusing.

Henry Waxman ousted John Dingell as Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee in a secret vote. First, this strikes me as very hypocritical. While the Dems are voting in secret to boot one of their own, they want employees to vote openly on union membership with the likelihood of intimidation. Hypocrites.

Second, Waxman is very liberal. Obama and the Dems appear to be setting themselves up to put the big screws to this country via liberal legislation. Good. Bring it on. I want a Republican Congress in 2010 and a Republican president in 2012.

Third, I would like to personally ask Rep. Waxman to be very, very careful about reducing greenhouse gas emissions to combat global warming. With the Democrats fully in charge and with Obama being god-like, their policies could easily thrust this planet into a catastrophic ice age. I mean, Obama hasn't even taken office yet and it is like Alaska down here (in the South). It's about 20 degrees cooler than normal. Help me out. Why do we need to stop global warming?

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