Friday, November 21, 2008

Let's Talk Turkey

It seems that big city media people are completely clueless about how the rest of the country works. They wake up every day in their 800 square foot studio apartment, make a cup of cappuccino, stroll down the sidewalk then up to their office on the 47th floor while eating a bagel, sit down at their desk and make absolutely no contribution to this country. However, this is a free country and if that is what makes them happy, then so be it.

What I have a problem with is their view of the rest of the country. The have the audacity to criticize those who bust their tails every day to make sure those "holier than thou" media types have food, fuel, wood, paper, and more. They call them hay seed hicks, mouth breathers, and knuckle draggers. They look down on those who dare to vote for anyone other than a liberal like Obama.

These media types have no clue. If you asked the media where turkeys come from, I would almost best the majority of them would say "the supermarket." And where did all of those feathers go? Did they just fall off? Did the turkey take a shower before it walked to the supermarket so it would be clean when you bought it?

The reaction by the media to Sarah Palin's turkey video reinforces the fact that they are way out of touch with regular Americans. And these are the people who tell us what we should believe and how we should vote. MSNBC was particularly bad. They were posting their own snide remarks on the screen during the video calling Sarah Palin "oblivious".

Listen you morons! She wasn't oblivious. She understands how turkey farming works, something you apparently haven't a clue about. Just go home and eat your veggie burger! You people make me sick!


Jerry said...

If I was invited to attend Thanksgiving dinner with both the Palin & Biden families I'd go to the Palin's house in a heartbeat. And I would choose them because they are more down to earth people, they would cook Thanksgiving dinner with their own hands rather than having dinner catered which is how I picture the Biden family having it. I was thinking these thoughts as I read this post and just wanted to share.

Red State Conservative said...

Jerry - Thanks. I agree completely. It's the difference between real Americans and the Washington elite.

Southerngirl said...

These complaints come from the same people that think hunting is cruel. Nevermind that the deer population has multiplied and the deer are starving to death.

I don't think the libs have ever heard of "the food chain." Something I like to believe is God's natural version of "population control."

Has anyone ever noticed that only humans get in trouble for killing other animals? (well humans and dogs. Go figure)