Monday, November 24, 2008

MSNBC: Shameless. Classless. Clueless.

Obama did not need his own channel on Dish Network. He already had (and has) MSNBC (Mostly Stupid National Barack Channel).

A few years ago I had a little respect for Chris Matthews. Even when some conservative talk radio hosts were saying he was a liberal. Well, I was wrong. I have gone from some respect to no respect to disrespect of Hardball and Chris Matthews. He's on the same level as Keith Ogremann.

Hardball cannot be happy with the fact that Obama has won and will soon be crowned king. They are making sure they get final pot shots in at George W. Bush before he leaves office. There is nothing journalistic about what they are doing. It is nothing more than petty, angry, liberal hatred. (Yes, I know Chris Matthews wasn't hosting but tell me he isn't in love with Obama.)

I really wish you people would grow up and stop acting like a bunch of teenage gangstas.



Clay said...

Thanks. You helped me part with some guilt in this blog. I also thought the same of Chris Matthews. I knew he was a lib. He was Tip's right hand man. I thought at least he had some integrity. I even watched Hardball once in a while. I was wrong. All he has are tingly feelings running up his leg, and I know the day is coming when he announces he is stepping out of the closet and proclaiming his love for the chosen one.

nanc said...

i like your take on msnbc! you do realize we'll be inundated with this for over four more years...the last two have been insufferable.

i found your blog through "righty" and am thinking about joining the arkansas ranks and would appreciate your having a look at one of my blogs to see if i have "the stuff" to be an esteemed member.

i recently switched my comments to haloscan and lost all previous comments to the ether along with my sitemeter info, but have all on file elsewhere.

thanks for any help in this matter.

Southerngirl said...

whatever will the MSM do when dub-ya is out of office?

I suppose dedicate hours upon hours to the good deeds of The "O".

Which probably means I'll be turning my television to more important matters, i.e. Do Heidi and Spencer REALLY get married on the Hills?