Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Homeschoolers Under Attack

I have absolutely no faith in the American public school system. That is not a criticism of parents who send their children to public schools because many have no other option.

Just like our government is now controlled by liberals, so is our public education system. That is why the United States is nowhere near the top in test scores. We are truly dumbing down our country.

Some parents see the seriousness of this issue and choose to homeschool or to send their children to private school. I commend those parents who are able to do this.

This drives liberals absolutely crazy! They can't control private schools and homeschoolers. Children in these situations are typically taught from a conservative perspective and they are a threat to the liberal agenda that is being crammed down the throats of public school students.

Liberals have tried various methods to get control of homeschoolers. They have attempted to require teaching parents to have a bachelor's degree in education. They force homeschoolers to take tests that are concocted by the liberal public education system. They have consistently tried to intimidate homeschoolers by conducting random visits by liberal social workers who were educated in the liberal public school system. These people think they have unlimited power and can do anything they want - including trampling on the U.S. Constitution.

I warn you. If you have hypertension or are easily stressed, do not follow the link below. Reading these stories shows you how far we have fallen as a country. If a social worker had done these things even as little as 50 years ago, they would have been physically thrown off the property.

Homeschooler Nightmares


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Henry Cate said...

There is a famous saying that "Knowledge is power." This is because with education, individuals can see more options and make better choices. One of the trends I see is that over the next twenty years there will be more and more adults who were homeschooled, and they will exert influence out of proportion to their small numbers.