Thursday, October 16, 2008

Get The Facts Or SHUT UP!!

I know there are liberals out there who read this blog because you always let me know when you disagree. To those of you who respectfully disagree and argue about legitimate issues we face, thank you. To those of you who rant without any factual basis and take personal shots at those of us who disagree with you, go research an issue, get the facts, then come back. Until then, SHUT UP!!

Sarah Palin may be the most genuine politician this country has ever seen. What are you uninformed liberals doing? Attacking her personally. You attack her because she chose to give birth to her precious son. You attack her because she doesn't talk like you. You attack her because she is a parent who is having to deal with a child's bad judgment.

Then along comes Joe The Plumber. You go into hysteria because Joe outed your guy, Obama. He exposed him for the socialist that he is. What do you do? You immediately attack Joe. You don't try to disprove what Joe said because it is true. Therefore, you resort to killing the messenger. You try to damage him by saying he isn't a licensed plumber even though his work doesn't require a license. You say he has an aversion to taxes because he owes Ohio state taxes. You say he is related to Charles Keating in an effort to make it look like he is a GOP stooge. If he is related to Keating, Joe is unaware of it and that means he has no association with him.

I never attacked Obama for his big ears. I never attacked Obama for his stuttering problem. I never attacked Obama for the color of his skin. Those are personal issues that are irrelevant to this campaign.

If you are going to attack someone make sure it is on a legitimate issue and get the facts first. Don't just go shoot your mouth off without attaching it to your brain first.

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