Friday, October 17, 2008

Joe Hits Obama. Liberal Media Hits Back.

Joe The Plumber has become an overnight sensation. He challenged Obama on his tax plan and won. His question exposed Obama's deep socialist belief in wealth redistribution.

What has Joe gotten for being a hard worker, for trying to put together a plan to fulfill his dream, for pointing out the injustice in Obama's tax plan? He has angered the liberal media who will allow nothing negative to be said about their Messiah. First of all, it wasn't Joe's question that was the problem. It was Obama's socialistic answer. He stuck his own foot in his mouth.

Now Joe The Plumber is being subjected to the same attacks that Sarah Palin has had to endure since being named to the GOP ticket. This American citizen is being investigated by the liberal media Gestapo to see if they can find anything to discredit him or even twist just enough to make his story less plausible. He dared to question the Messiah and the attacks dogs charged immediately.

This makes me think of St. Louis where people were threatened with prosecution if they spoke against Obama. This is not American! This is not freedom! This is more akin to a police state like Hitler's Germany.

If Obama wins this election you can expect more of this. The Fairness Doctrine will attempt to silence conservative talk radio and TV shows. Speaking against government programs that help minorities will become hate speech.

We cannot let Obama win. There is way too much at stake here. Don't just sit there. Do something about it.

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