Saturday, September 20, 2008

What Liberals Really Think About You

If I had a list of the Top Ten so-called "Americans" I despise the most, Bill Maher would be on it. Just above Michael Moore.

Friday night Maher had a panel of political geniuses - columnist Andrew Sullivan who appears to be madly in love with Obama, author Naomi Klein, and Black Eyed Pea Will.I.Am who supports Obama even though he knew nothing about him before he endorsed him. When a reporter asked Will.I.Am if he researched Obama before he supported him, the blank expression on his face was priceless and was better than a 10,000 word description.

The panel was discussing the upcoming election and Andrew Sullivan made the comment that Americans would do the right thing. Maher responded with:

I do not trust Americans to do the right thing or make the right choice. They're just too f***ing dumb.
There you have it. Liberal Philosophy 101. Doesn't it just make you want to be a liberal?

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