Saturday, September 20, 2008

Culture Of Deception

Democrats delighted in using the term culture of corruption to disparage all Republicans during the years the GOP controlled Congress. Yes, a few Republicans made the whole barrel look bad. However, we all know the Democrats wrote the book on corruption.

Let's take a look at Obama. First, he has been heavily financed by the leaders at Fannie Mae. Yet, he denies a connection with them. He had a demonstrable relationship with terrorist William Ayers. Yet, he denies it.

Now he has put out an ad directed at Hispanics that is complete deception. The ad takes a quote by Rush Limbaugh completely out of context and makes it appear he hates Hispanics and wants them to leave the country. Rush was describing the immigration policy of the Mexican government. It had absolutely nothing to do with how he feels about Hispanics.

Now for Biden. He continues to perpetuate the lie that his first wife was killed by a drunk driver. The investigation of the accident found no evidence of alcohol or drugs. Yet, Biden continues to disrespect the driver of the truck and his surviving family. He is hurting someone else to gain sympathy for his own political gain. What a low life!

I think we need to refer to the Obama/Biden campaign and their "connections" as the culture of deception. That is as applicable as any term I've heard used to describe them.

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