Sunday, September 21, 2008

Obama: Anti-Life

The Obama campaign has a despicable ad calling John McCain's ads, well, despicable. In Obama's ad there is a clip of a young woman telling her story of surviving an abortion. First, that is not a John McCain ad. It was paid for by an organization called Second, it is not a despicable lie. It's not even a lie. That's why it's called BornAliveTRUTH!

Gianna Jessen is now 31 years old. She survived a saline abortion 31 years ago after being born alive in the abortion clinic and taken to a hospital for care. Now she has pledged herself to stand up for babies who are victims of unsuccessful abortions.

In Obama's response ad, he claims to have "always supported medical care to protect infants." I hear a Bill Clinton answer in that. It is a vague, nondescript answer that can be easily misunderstood. Doesn't everyone support medical care to protect infants? What about fetuses? What about fetuses that aren't successfully murdered in the womb and are born? Liberals don't call them babies or infants. They are a fetus or a blob of tissue. Nice try Obama but I see your semantic deception.

He says he supports medical care for infants but yet he doesn't want his daughters "punished with a baby." You see, this is indicative of an attitude of death, not life.

I have always been annoyed by the liberals who coined the terms "anti-abortion" and "pro-choice." Clever. I wish we controlled enough of the media to get those changed to "pro-life" and "anti-life."

Barack Obama is anti-life. While his ads deny it, his mouth and his voting record confirm it.

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Linda F. - Oregon said...

But wait! It gets even "better." Now there's a website claiming that Obama is (get this) pro-life.

So a man who supports Planned Parenthood; won't lift a finger to help babies who manage to survive abortions; and publicly vowed to pass the Freedom of Choice Act (which has been estimated to increase abortions to 125,000 a year) is pro-life? I don't think so!

Here's a link to the despicable website: