Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Let's Get Ready To Rumble!!

In today's Super Tuesday primary Republicans nationwide have spoken. Disappointing as it is, it appears that liberal/RINO John McCain will be our presidential nominee for this fall's election.

McCain has always tried to accomplish things by bringing together strange bedfellows like the Gang of 14. Today, I call on John McCain to reach out to conservatives. If he refuses to do so and the leadership sits idle, I am FINISHED with the GOP. If he continues to be hostile toward conservatives, I WILL NOT vote for him in November.

I remember Ronald Reagan, responding to a question about why he left the Democrat party, saying he didn't leave the party, they left him. I feel like my party is leaving me. Abandoning the principles that made this country strong. The principles that gave equal opportunity to all Americans. The principles that kept our nation secure. The principles of Ronald Reagan.

Newt, where did we go wrong? How have we fallen so far in 20 years?

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