Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What's A Conservative To Do?

After yesterday's Florida primary it is beginning to appear that John McCain will be the GOP nominee for president. Where does that leave conservatives? How can a conservative vote for John McCain, a Republican who has been hostile toward conservative ideals? Should a conservative even bother to vote at all?

At this writing, I haven't made up my mind. I do not like McCain's position on important issues. He is very liberal for a Republican. He gets in bed with too many Democrats to create legislation that is contrary to freedom.

At the same time I am not a proponent of "sending a message" to the GOP. Sending a message doesn't just hurt the leadership or the party. It will hurt Americans. Despite what liberals say, having a Democrat president will not hurt the rich. They will survive. It is the middle class that will pay the price.

However, having four years of Hillary or Obama all but ensures a GOP victory in 2012. Remember 1994? If Hillary or Obama have a dismal first term, you might see Newt throw his hat in next time.

I know McCain supporters will chastise me for this post just like the Huckabee supporters did. For McCain to be a good president he will have to change his spots. He talks good but his prior actions contradict what he says.

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