Thursday, February 07, 2008

It's About Issues, Not Personalities

Poor John McCain. People are so jealous of him. They're jealous of his power. They're jealous of his position.

If you listen to people like former Sen. Phil Gramm that's what you will hear. Sen. Gramm, I have news for you. The people who are speaking out about John McCain are not jealous. It has NOTHING to do with his position, his power, or his personality.


Listen closely. John McCain is NOT a conservative. He is very moderate, bordering on liberal.

I appreciate his military service very much. His years in Vietnam were horrible and I honor him for his perseverance and strength.

But those things don't give him a free pass to move the Republican party wherever he wants it to go. He is destroying our identity. Dismantling our foundational principles.

If you look at John McCain's public service record up to now and you extrapolate that into a presidency, this country and the GOP are in serious trouble. He can talk nice and speak at Liberty University all he wants to but I want to see action. Proof that McCain is a "true conservative" as he says he is.

As of today, I will not vote for McCain in November. But I will be watching and listening. If all I hear is empty promises, I'll stay home on election day.

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