Sunday, January 20, 2008

Response To An Anonymous Immigrant

On June 30, 2007, I wrote about amnesty for illegal immigrants. Post

Today I received a comment from an anonymous immigrant. The comment was respectful and heartfelt. However, it failed to address the problems associated with illegal immigration.

hi, i have just received my green card and i am the happiest i have ever been in my entire life. i know most of u dont agree with helping the "illigals", but if u just sit down with any of them u would prob change ur mind. They are not criminals, they are just people like everyone else that just want make something of themselves,give their family hope, a future. They take risks of bein treaded like nobody's and still have strenght to get up in the morning everyday with knowing that maybe one day their dream might come true and see the people they left behind. we are not much different then anyone else, only people with hopes and dreams of a better day.

Anonymous Immigrant -

Thank you for your comment. I can truly rejoice with you that you have a green card and are happy to be here. I hope that you can make a great life here.

America became the greatest country on Earth by championing hard work, personal responsibility, morality, and respect for others. If we were still that same country, I would have a different view of unrestricted immigration. However, socialists have crept into our state and federal governments and we now champion laziness, no responsibility, immorality, and disrespect for others.

We are controlled by politicians who govern based on votes, not what is right and wrong. These politicians hand out "bribes" in the form of welfare and Medicare in return for votes.

America is on the path to bankruptcy. We cannot sustain federal government spending without significant tax increases. If we continue to allow immigrants to come to this country illegally, immigrants who will be added to our welfare programs, our demise will come much more quickly.

What would happen if we had a repeat of the late 1970's where unemployment neared 10%? Who would be out of work? How would they feed their families? Who would take care of them? Where would the money come from?

I have no problem with someone wanting to make a better life for themselves as long as they do it legally. I could have a better life if I stole $100,000 from the bank but that doesn't mean I have the right to do it.

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