Thursday, July 12, 2007

Iraq War Controlled By Politics

The political reaction by some Republicans to the White House report on progress made by the Iraqi government is disappointing. Their reactions are based solely on the 2008 election and not on good judgement.

Monumental decisions like pulling out of Iraq should be made completely without any political incumbrances. Right and wrong have no political affiliation. President Bush is standing firmly on the right side of this issue and is being vilified for it - by Democrats and Republicans - all for votes.

What these politicians are failing to tell the American people is what the grave consequences of such a pullout would be. If you think Islamic terrorism is bad now, just wait until there is no resistance. No one to disrupt their organization. The Middle East would never be the same.

The American people have the fortitude and the foresight to see this thing through. If the politicians are running scared because of next year's election, they should be voted out and replaced with people who aren't wimps. (Thanks to John Boehner for that term.)

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