Saturday, July 14, 2007

Fairness Doctrine: Okay, Let's Play Fair

The U.S. Senate has blocked an amendment that would prevent the resurrection of the 1987 Fairness Doctrine which seeks to limit conservative talk radio and force liberal talk radio on us. This is nothing more than idiotic government control and there are Republicans who support it.

Let's just assume for a moment that I agree with those who support this doctrine. If we are going to play fair in talk radio, then we have to play fair in ALL media outlets. Television networks must be required to fire 40% of their anchors, reporters, commentators, analysts, writers, researchers, etc., and replace them with conservatives. Currently, 90% of them are liberal, vote liberal, and contribute to liberal candidates and causes. Newspapers, magazines, and news web sites must do the same.

Just to make sure we cover everything and don't let anything subtle get by, we need to require that all circuses and zoos have just as many jackasses as they have elephants. But I see a problem there. That wouldn't be representative of Washington because there are a whole lot more jackasses than elephants.

You wanna play fair? Then don't just limit your "fairness" to the ONLY media outlet where conservatives have the advantage.

What you should do is drop the whole "fairness doctrine" thing and put forward some liberal talk show hosts who can draw an audience. Trust me, if a liberal talk show host can draw listeners and advertisers, the radio giants will be knocking on their door. The problem is, you don't have any. Every attempt has failed because liberals have nothing substantive to say, are on the wrong side of issues, are big whiners, are negative, and just generally make the American people sick. No one wants to hear that kind of garbage. That's why Air Ball America died. (Note: FYI, in basketball, an "air ball" is when someone shoots and misses everything - it hit nothing but the air.)

My definition of "fair" is when the government keeps their nose out of something and lets the people decide.

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