Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Frankenkerry Says 60 Senators Support Change In Iraq

Just when you thought rigor mortis had finally taken over, John Kerry opens his mouth and once again says something really stupid. Okay, maybe not stupid but certainly insignificant.

Mr. Kerry believes that 60 senators would support a change in direction in Iraq. What he said and what he is implying are two different things. I agree with what he said. I do not agree with what he implied.

I believe that 60+ senators would like to see things going better in Iraq. That does not mean 60+ senators support a troop reduction or withdrawal. I support a change in direction in Iraq. I think we need to change our direction to the east and take a very hard look at Iran.

That's just like a post-Clinton liberal to imply one thing, but leave it vague enough that he can later say that wasn't what he meant. You know, like, it was a poor attempt at humor. Nobody's laughing Frankenkerry.

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