Tuesday, January 23, 2007

American Justice System In Shambles

I have hesitated in commenting on this story because I wanted to get as many facts as I could, rather than jumping to a false conclusion. Now I can comment.

I want to start with a simple question. Well, it is simple for common sense people like you and me but apparently not for law enforcement officers, a prosecuting attorney, and our court system.

Can someone explain to me the following?

  • Osvaldo Adrete Davila, a Mexican, illegal alien drug dealer was in the United States peddling over 700 pounds of marijuana to Americans, many of who will be juveniles. It is a crime in the U.S. to be in possession of a controlled substance, especially with the intent to sell it.
  • Davila encountered two U.S. Border Patrol agents, Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean. In their attempt to apprehend Davila, he had something in his hand that appeared to be a gun. Shots were fired and Davila was struck in the buttocks. He fled back to Mexico.
  • After Ramos and Compean realize Davila did not have a gun, they became concerned because they shot him. The agents picked up their shell casings and did not "accurately" report the incident.

So, illegal alien drug dealer with over 700 pounds of marijuana shot in the butt, flees back to Mexico, border agents get a reprimand. Right? WRONG!!!!

  • Border agents arrested.
  • Illegal alien drug dealer who had $1 million dollars worth of marijuana in his possession gets FULL IMMUNITY to testify against the border agents.
  • Border agents get sentenced 11 and 12 years for "violating Davila's civil rights" by shooting the illegal alien drug dealer in the butt.
  • Illegal alien drug dealer gets off scot free, sues U.S. government for $5 million. And he'll probably get it.

"Violated Davila's civil rights?" If you come to this country (a) illegally and (b) with the intent to distribute drugs that are illegal in this country, then it is my contention that you have no rights as an American citizen. Yes, you have rights as a human being but you are not an American and you should not be given the same rights as an American citizen who lives in this country, works in this country, and pays taxes in this country.

Finally, to my question. How could this happen in the United States of America? How could we imprison our law enforcement officers for doing their job, which in this case was protecting us from an illegal alien drug dealer with over 700 pounds of marijuana he intended to foist upon Americans?

If President Bush doesn't pardon these two agents who were doing their duty to protect our borders and us, then he will have lost all credibility with me. I have always believed in him to do the right thing, even in the face of opposition. The right thing here is to pardon these men as quickly as possible.

What does this action against our own border patrol agents say to illegal aliens who come here to commit crimes? What does it say to our border patrol agents? It says we have no border enforcement. We will not prevent you from coming to the U.S. with drugs to sell them. To the border patrol it says do not draw your weapons. Do not make an effort to apprehend illegal aliens, even if they are transporting drugs.

I just read what I wrote above for proofreading purposes and it is almost like a fictional story. I cannot believe this is happening in the United States. What has happened to us?

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