Sunday, March 04, 2007

A Convenient Lie

Let me state my position plainly. Man-made global warming is a multi-billion dollar myth. The only thing about it that is man-made is that it exists.

This planet was not created by man and man does not have the power to destroy it. We might be able to make portions of it temporarily uninhabitable, but we are too small and insignificant to affect global weather.

It reminds me of the movie, The Core. I enjoy science fiction movies, even ones that go beyond believable. [Warning: Movie Spoiler] In The Core, a government funded scientist has created a weapon that inadvertently caused the earth's outer core to stop spinning, resulting in the loss of the protective electromagnetic field around Earth. Super-electrical storms destroy cities and fissures in the electromagnetic field allow radiation from the sun to fry everything.

Do we have the power to stop the Earth's outer core from spinning? We have just about as much chance of doing that as we do changing the Earth's temperature.

I have a question. To what cause do we attribute ice ages and worldwide droughts prior to industrialization? I'm not aware of any combustion engines used in Mesopotamia or factories built by the dinosaurs.

I have always been taught that if you want to get to the bottom of something, follow the money. The global warming scare is being used to drive billions of dollars into government coffers for distribution to government programs and "scientific" research.

It doesn't appear that this man-made panic is going away anytime soon so if you want to make some good money, set up a business that preys on the global warming suckers and you could get rich. That's what Al Gore and his band of "scientists" are doing.

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