Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I Think The GOP May Be Getting It

I have read statements today by a few GOP leaders and most of them have said they lost the election because they did not maintain their conservative values. Here is a statement made today by RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman. It's almost as if he read my last post and responded directly to it. (Note: I know Ken Mehlman doesn't read my blog so don't think I'm developing an ego.)

Ken Mehlman, RNC Chair:

Last night, however, the voters sent a message, and we need to make sure we receive that message loud and clear. We need to recommit ourselves to conservative reform...Our leaders will redouble their efforts to enact a conservative agenda and make us proud.

This is a good start but after yesterday, we are going to need some help from the left. The American people will need a reason to kick them out (remember 1994).

After some thinking, I have reversed my opinion (from my previous post) on how President Bush is handling the change in power. The GOP in Congress and President Bush need to allow the Dems to show their hand. Oppose loudly but let them proceed with their agenda. Give them enough rope to let them hang themselves.

For the upcoming elections, we need a return to the Reagan days. I'll try to say this in a "family friendly" way. The GOP needs a huge injection of testosterone so it can grow what it needs to stand up to the Dems and their destructive agenda. Or maybe just a good dose of Fosamax to strengthen their spines.

One recommendation is to get Newt Gingrich as involved in the GOP decision making as possible. He is a brilliant man and knows Washington from the inside out.

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