Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Never Again!!

After listening to President Bush's press conference today, I am trying to figure out who the president represents. Is it the people of the United States or the majority in Congress?

I voted for Bush 41 in 1988 and I was very unsatisfied with his presidency because he was too weak and too moderate. Bush 43 has been almost as moderate and it's now looking like he may surpass his father in governing from the center.

If the next two years are nothing but a concession to the Democrats in Congress...

RNC, moderate Republicans, John McCain - Hear me loud and hear me clear!

I will never again vote for a moderate Republican for president. Unless you give me a conservative Republican to vote for, I will either abstain from voting or I will vote for a conservative Independent or Libertarian.

Hello!! You lost because you were too moderate!! Your conservative base is tired of out-of-control spending and everyone is tired of corruption in Washington.

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