Thursday, November 09, 2006

The 9/10 Commission

Ever since the hammer dropped on the Republican party last Tuesday and the realization of who would be in charge of House committees started taking front stage, I've been trying to come up with a name for the Democratic leadership. Thanks to David Limbaugh, I now have one.

Since the sole basis of the Democrats campaign was how the war in Iraq was wrong, George Bush invaded under false pretenses, Donald Rumsfeld was incompetent, our soldiers are brutal savages, we commit acts of torture, we've killed more civilians than Saddam Hussein, we've created more terrorists, etc., etc., it is painfully clear that these people have forgotten 9/11. As David Limbaugh said, they have "reverted to a Sept. 10 mindset."

Henceforth, the Democratic leadership in Congress will be referred to as "The 9/10 Commission". The graphic of the report above says, "The 9/10 Commission Report - Baseless Report Of The Democratic Commission On Iraq And The War On Terror."

The War On Terror is where I fear the most damage by a clueless, liberal Congress. This country will survive a tax increase. It will survive a little unemployment. It will survive a recession.

What will be difficult to survive is the attacks on this country by terrorists emboldened by our "defeat" in Iraq and who want to kill us whether we are Republican, Democrat, Independent, Libertarian, Green, Socialist, Communist, or those who couldn't care less.

Americans have already shown the first sign of weakness by putting Democrats in control of Congress. Our next sign of weakness will be rabid debate on our presence in Iraq, followed by a "redeployment" or outright withdrawal.

Didn't we learn anything from Vietnam? The wars and conflicts that America has "lost" were lost due to liberal public opinion. Up until wars began being broadcast back to America via left-wing television reporters, we were a dominant force in every war we fought. And we've become an impatient society. We want to watch a few B2 SORTIEs on television, then watch as the enemy happily surrenders as our ground troops go in. 60 days and we're outta there.

I pray that God will keep America safe from terrorist attacks. It isn't right that any should die because of someone else's fanaticism. At the same time, I will be ready for the day when I can scream at the top of my lungs to the Democrats, "We told you this would happen!"

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