Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Fraud in Philly

Erick at RedState.com has posted about polling place sabotage and voter intimidation in Philadelphia, PA.

In precincts 7, 19, 51 in Philly, PA, the crowds are going wild. Inside several voting locations, individuals have poured white out onto the polling books and the poll workers are allowing voters to go into the polls and vote without first registering. Several individuals are on hand demanding that voters vote straight Democrat.

RNC lawyers have headed to the scene of the incidents, which are occurring in mostly hispanic precinct locations. The District Attorney has also been contacted.

More from the ground: Reports of voter intimidation by son-in-law of Philadelphia City Commissioner in 19th Ward. Carlos Mantos is not allowing Republican poll watchers with valid poll-watching certificates monitor polling places.

The freedom to vote is as sacred as free speech and if you take that freedom away, you should be sent away for a long, long time.

Ben Franklin would roll over in his grave if he were to see this blatant disregard of our Constitutional rights.

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