Monday, November 06, 2006

Election Eve Post With Predictions

Well, tomorrow is the big day. The day when the most energized voters go out and choose who will be their representatives in government. My predictions are at the bottom.

The importance of this election is huge because there is a lot at stake.

  • Terrorism/Rogue Nations - This is a huge issue in this election. The differences between Republicans and Democrats could not be more clear. If Dems take control of Congress, they will be soft on terrorists and rogue nations like North Korea and Iran. No doubt about it. Did you ever see anyone have a successful discussion with the neighborhood bully? The extent of his discussion skills was a knuckle sandwich. The only thing that made him take notice was fearlessness in his opponent. We must confront terrorists and rogue nations with fearlessness and a swift and firm demonstrable resistance.

  • Iraq - The soldiers on the ground who are able to get the truth to us from Iraq say that we are making great progress there. A ruthless dictator has been dethroned and has been found guilty of heinous crimes by his own people. If Dems take control of Congress, we will leave Iraq in a state of chaos and our enemies, the terrorists, will take over. Just as going into Iraq did not start terrorism against this country, leaving Iraq will not stop it. Leaving will make it worse.

  • Economy - The Bush tax cuts have been a tremendous success for the people of America and the economy. Unemployment is at an incredibly low 4.4%. The stock market has roared above 12,000. The deficit that the Dems said would balloon out of control has been cut in half, three years ahead of schedule. If the Dems gain control of Congress, say goodbye to tax cuts. Taxes for an average family of four will go up over $2,000. Say goodbye to economic expansion. Say goodbye to stock market gains. Say hello to economic stagnation.

  • Supreme Court - Justice John Paul Stevens will probably retire during George W. Bush's final two years. If Dems take over the Senate, you can expect an appointment much like Justice Stevens who is moderate at best.

  • Far-Left Liberal Control - If Dems take control of the House, this will be the most liberal group of committee chairmen in U.S. history. These names should make you tremble:
    Charlie "Tax and Spend" Rangel
    John "Impeachment" Conyers
    Barney "Gay Marriage" Frank
    Henry "Impeachment" Waxman
    Alcee "Bribery" Hastings
    John "Tax Big Oil" Dingell
    David "Big Spender" Obey
    George "Home School Is Evil" Miller

Regardless of what happens tomorrow and who wins up in the W column, remember this - the people who get voted in are not our leaders. They are our servants. They were placed there to do our bidding, not their own. We put them there. We pay their salaries and perks. We give them their power. And we have the power to take it away at any time we choose.

This is OUR government...of the people, by the people, for the people.

House: -11
Senate: -2
Governors: - 6

Arizona: Kyl
Connecticut: Lieberman
Maryland: Steele
Missouri: Talent
Montana: Burns
New Jersey: Menendez
Ohio: Dewine (Upset of the day)
Pennsylvania: Casey
Rhode Island: Chafee
Tennessee: Corker
Virginia: Allen

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