Sunday, November 05, 2006

Polls: Useless Information

At the end of the day (or as in recent elections, end of the year), many polls will be proven wrong. They swing widely from one week to the next and some are blatantly skewed to give the appearance of winning.

In the end, the only poll that matters is the one where we vote. Unfortunately, our right to choose our elected officials is being threatened by the human scavengers of the Earth - lawyers. Thousands of lawyers have already been dispatched to challenge every election that is close. But that's another story.

To prove the unreliability of polls, let me remind you that one of the most reliable polls had the Democrats up by +5 in the 1994 Republican tidal wave, just days before the election.

If there is any validity to the polls, as the heat gets turned up for voters to make a choice, the generic Congressional ballot poll shows Republicans closing fast on Democrats. And when the heat is set on high between today and Tuesday, will that close gap more, or even push Republicans over the edge?

Perhaps the pollsters are allowing the gap to close so they won't look like complete buffoons on Tuesday.

NOTE: This is not directed at all polls, just primarily the ones that have shown obvious skewing to favor their candidate/issue position of choice.

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