Monday, October 02, 2006

The Two Faces Of Dustin McDaniel

Arkansas Watch has a great story about Democratic AG candidate Dustin McDaniel saying one thing, but the videotape clearly contradicting his statement.

McDaniel's statement is regarding SB387 which reduced mandatory prison time for convicted methamphetamine manufacturers. McDaniel's opponent in the AG race, Gunner DeLay, compared the videotape of McDaniel's statement to reporter Roby Brock to a videotape of the debate on the floor in 2005.

McDaniel's recounting of his position and his actions clearly contradicts his statement to Brock.

Who would vote for a candidate for AG that voted to give criminals less prison time, and the lied about it? Let it be known in Arkansas that crime is not tolerated. Vote for Gunner DeLay.

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