Sunday, October 01, 2006

Hollywood Hates "Facing The Giants" Movie

I want to urge everyone to go see Facing The Giants, a movie about a down-and-out high school football coach who survives through his faith in God. Hollywood has said a lot of bad things about this movie and yes, it is a low-budget movie and the acting won't win any Oscars, but that isn't why they hate it.

It seems that Hollywood is joining NBC in its attempts to censor or at least "warn" people about Christianity. The MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) gave this squeaky clean movie a PG rating because of "strong thematic elements".

What were those "strong thematic elements?" Primarily, it centered around this conversation the football coach had with one of his players:

The coach tells one of this players he needs to stop bad-mouthing his bossy father and get right with God.

The boy replies: "You really believe in all that honoring God and following Jesus stuff? ... Well, I ain't trying to be disrespectful, but not everybody believes in that."

The coach replies: "Matt, nobody's forcing anything on you. Following Jesus Christ is the decision that you're going to have to make for yourself. You may not want to accept it, because it'll change your life. You'll never be the same."

I am failing to see what is so terrible here that required a PG rating. I would have to research this but I believe Disney's The Rookie was rated G despite including at least one instance of profanity. If I am correct, then the MPAA believes talking about Jesus is more harmful to a child than profanity.

Please go see this movie. It may not be the best movie you see this year but we need to give Hollywood a black eye because of their sheer arrogance and bigotry.


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