Monday, October 02, 2006

Republicans Unite, Dems Silent On Traditional Marriage

Republican candidates for state offices stood together today to affirm their belief in traditional marriage meaning marriage "between one man and one woman," as stated by Attorney General candidate Gunner DeLay. State Representative elect Jim Woods added, "If Mike Beebe really believes that marriage is between one man and one woman, then why didn’t he oppose the position change at the Democrat’s state convention in August? With the next legislature expected to decide whether a gay couple can be foster parents, we need a governor who is honest with the people of Arkansas about this important issue."

An overwhelming majority of the people of Arkansas want a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. If three-fourths of Arkansans support traditional marriage, why would the Democratic party remove that from their platform? It's because they don't represent the people of Arkansas. They represent the national Democratic party and are falling lock-step to push the DNC agenda on us in Arkansas.

The DNC is now controlled by a bunch of left-wing liberals like Howard Dean and Bill Clinton who don't have the same set of values as most Arkansans. This is not the party of FDR or JFK. The old-time Democrats are gone. They have either died, retired, or switched to the Republican party. If you are a supporter of the old Democrat party, take a close look at what it stands for today and then ask yourself - Is this what I believe?

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