Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Timing Political Bombs: At What Cost?

Opening qualifications:

#1) Mark Foley is a very mentally sick man and needs serious help. I will not be an apologist for Mr. Foley. While there was a slight difference in age between Mr. Foley's target and Monica Lewinsky, I consider Bill Clinton just as sick as Foley.

#2) ANY adult who preys on young people, regardless of whether they have power or not are sick people and need to be placed where they can't hurt anyone.

I do not believe for one second that Denny Hastert knew that Mark Foley was a danger until the explicit e-mails surfaced last week. Therefore, calling for his resignation is nothing more than an election-time ploy by the Dems to mischaracterize the Republican leadership. My definition of "mischaracterize" here is "lying."

The big question that may surface is how long did the Democrats know about Mark Foley's inappropriate behavior and how long did they suppress it to reveal it during the final weeks of the election? Would this also not put young congressional pages at risk?

This is the Democrats version of "shock and awe." The problem is, their "shock and awe" is presented by the Dems as a "nuclear bomb" when it really isn't anything more than a firecracker. One of these days they're going to hold the firecracker too long and it is going to cause them some pain.

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