Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Do The Dems Want Bush Dead?

Today, Pennsylvania Governor and former Democratic National Committee Chairman Ed Rendell gave a very strange response to a reporter's question regarding keeping schools safe from outside attack as in the Amish school shooting. He's apparently an understudy of current DNC Chair Howard Dean.

Gov. Rendell gave an analogy that isn't something a reasonable person would say, especially not an elected official who is running for office. Here is a transcript of the question and response:

REPORTER: "Governor Rendell, do you see any need for any changes in state public schools in terms of security?"

RENDELL: "You can make all the changes you want, but you can never stop a random act of violence by a person who is intent on killing themselves. It's the same thing as protecting the president of the United States. You can have 50 Secret Service agents there, but if someone is willing to swap their life for the president's, they're going to get a point-blank shot at the president."

WHAT??? If a Republican would have said that while Bill Clinton was in office, there would have been tremendous outrage by liberals. What was he thinking? Is that like one of Osama bin Laden's secret codes to his henchmen to proceed with an attack? Or is he just that stupid? In either case, Lynn Swann needs to be the next governor of Pennsylvania.

DISCLAIMER: For those of you who aren't Photoshop experts like photographers at Reuters, the photo above was manipulated by me in Photoshop, not to look real but to make a point. To my knowledge, Ed Rendell has never pointed a gun at President Bush. Although, it sounds like he has thought about it.

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