Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Public Outcry Against Muslim Intolerance

ROT (Religion Of Terror) cab drivers in Minneapolis-St. Paul have been refusing to accept patrons who are carrying alcohol or have a dog, including blind patrons who use seeing-eye dogs. The Muslim drivers say their religion prohibits alcohol and being near dogs because they are "unclean".

Twin Cities International Airport decided to appease the Muslim cab drivers by suggesting a plan to put a different type of light on the top of their cab so that would-be passengers with alcohol could choose another cab.

According to the Metropolitan Airports Commission, the public outcry was so overwhelming that cab companies feared people would switch to another form of transportation rather than cower to the Muslims.

As an alternative solution, cab drivers who refuse a passenger will be sent to the back of the line, where they might have to wait as much as three hours for another fare.

Beware of the ACLU!

Hat tip: LGF

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