Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Roaring 00's

A few more reasons to vote Republican:

The mainstream liberal media tries to make us believe that they are unbiased on political, economic, and social issues. Most Americans know that just isn' true. Then they try to paint FoxNews as a right-wing hit mob for the GOP.

If they are so objective and unbiased, why aren't we seeing anything about the state of our economy? A report was released last Friday (which has been excluded from the mainstream media) which shows that the economy is roaring down the tracks like a locomotive.

  • Between April 2006 and March 2006, the number of jobs increased by 6.6 million. About 800,000 of those jobs were attributable to new businesses.
  • Unemployment is at 4.6%. That puts us very near the limit of the employable.
  • The federal budget deficit has been cut in half in three years. That's three years ahead of schedule. That should make the Democrats shut up on that issue but it won't.
  • Tax receipts were up 5.5 percent in FY 2004, 14.5 percent in FY 2005, and 11.7 percent in FY 2006. That's up 34.9 percent in three years.
  • Interest rates are at 30-year lows. Some have been prediciting a housing slump but former Fed Chair Alan Greenspan says it is over.
  • The Dow Jones index is continuing to break record highs. Investors are comfortable with interest rates, the deficit, the Bush administration, and the outlook for the economy.

When Bill Clinton was in office, the newspapers and talking heads were constantly talking about the "roaring economy". Now that a Republican is in office, they are interestingly silent on the issue. But I've come to expect that from the liberally biased MSM.

Hat Tip: Captain's Quarters

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