Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Racism! Racism! Racism! Just SHUT UP ALREADY!!!!

No one knows how to manipulate this country like the liberal media. They are a spoiled child that expects to get everything they want and they will stop at nothing to make sure it happens.

Tea partiers are racist.
Joe Wilson is racist.
Rush Limbaugh is racist.
Bill O'Reilly is racist.
Glenn Beck is racist.
George W. Bush is racist.
John McCain is racist.
All Southerners are racist.
All Republicans are racist.
Homeschoolers are racist.
Christians are racist.
All white people are racist (except liberal white people).
Your house is racist.
Your SUV is racist.
Your dog is racist.

The most accurate one: EVERYONE who opposes Barack Obama's policies is racist. The only way to NOT be racist is to AGREE with everything Barack Obama says and does.

I am sick of this and I want to fight back! Unfortunately, the liberal media has a choke hold on this country and if Obama and the Democrats have their way, they will silence as many conservative viewpoints as they can.

Our biggest battle is not with Obama. It is not with the Democrats. It is not with liberals as a whole. It is with the liberal media. Whatever we have to do to loosen their grip on the American people, we MUST DO!!

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