Thursday, July 30, 2009

What Color Of Briefs Should I Wear Today?

Socialism is in full swing in America. We have started down a path that will lead to hard times and misery. Barack Obama and the Democrat-controlled Congress are trying to gain control of things that should NEVER be in the hands of the government.

Obama and the Dems want to tell you...

  1. What kind of house you can buy (proposed environmental regulations)
  2. What kind of car you can drive (takeover of GM, forced production of hybrids)
  3. What kind of food you can eat (become a vegan)
  4. When you can go to the doctor (proposed nationalized health care)
  5. Which doctor you can see (ditto)
  6. What size your "carbon footprint" can be (cap and trade)
  7. What you can say (Freedom of Choice Act)
Hey Obama! What color of briefs should I wear today?

I could list many more but you get the idea. More and more people are getting the idea every week. Obama's approval rating looks like it was tied to a rock and thrown in the ocean.

We need to make lots of noise to Congress and let them know we will not stand for this Socialist agenda. They need to know they are accountable to the people of the nation.

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