Friday, July 31, 2009

The Most Destructive Legislation In American History

Folks, if you haven't read the health care bill that the insane liberals are trying to shove down the throat of the American people, YOU MUST!! If you let this go without reading it and fighting against it with all your might, you are just as insane as they are.

This is the United States of America!! We were built on freedom, we fight for freedom, and we have died for freedom. Why are we sitting on our hands while freedom is taken away from us by a bunch of liberal lunatics in broad daylight???

Peter Fleckenstein is going through the health care bill, line-by-line. Because he is threatening this socialist liberal agenda, he is being attacked by the left. His personal information has been posted on the Internet but Fleckenstein has vowed to continue.

Read Fleckenstein's posts on the Health Care Monstrosity.

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