Monday, June 01, 2009

Tiller: A Murderer Murdered

Daily Kos mouth-foamers, please post this somewhere on your blogs in the same place where you are saying that this murder was the fault of conservative talk show hosts and that the murderer was a conservative terrorist.

The murder of George Tiller was just plain wrong. Yes, George Tiller was a vile man who had no regard for human life. This does not give anyone a vigilante pass to kill him. Tiller should have been brought to trial for his actions. He reminds me somewhat of an abortionist who I had a longstanding letters-to-the-editor feud with a few years back. This guy was as arrogant as they come.

I would have preferred that Tiller remain alive, have a Damascus Road experience, and then speak on the evils of abortion.

Some have said he didn't deserve to die. I disagree. Everyone deserves to die and will sooner or later. But it isn't a vigilante's prerogative to make it sooner.

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