Saturday, May 02, 2009

GOP Big Tent Idea: Completely Useless

Most of us have realized the primary goal of politicians is to gain power or retain power. The American people are considered only to the point that they are useful in reaching the primary goal. This is true of politicians in all parties.

This political selfishness and lust for power breeds stupid ideas like the "big tent" of the GOP. This is nothing more than an attempt to maintain a wide base and gain or retain power. Most GOP politicians, leaders, and media subscribe to this useless idea.

Do I have a better suggestion? Yes.

First, the GOP loses more voters than it gains by trying to stand on both sides of "hot button" issues. This lack of conviction and integrity drives away voters who want to know what the candidate stands for and what their vote will mean.

Second, the majority of Americans are right-of-center politically. Most Americans still believe in the traditional American ideas of hard work, personal responsibility, and morality. When the GOP wants to be inclusive of people who do not subscribe to the same ideas they are only hurting themselves.

Ronald Reagan was not a "big tent" Republican - not to the extent that it required him to compromise his beliefs and principles. He didn't bring down Communism by being inclusive and tolerant. He didn't defeat his detractors by compromising. He did these things by being right!

So to all of the John McCains, the Michael Steeles, and the Peggy Noonans, wake up! You aren't building your base - you are destroying it. You are hammering it into rubble.

If the GOP is working to be just like the Democrats, why do we need two parties?

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