Saturday, May 16, 2009

Andrew Klavan: Unapologetic American

I want to encourage all of you to get a copy of the May 2009 Limbaugh Letter which has a fantastic interview with Andrew Klavan, a Hollywood scriptwriter and novelist. He has written movie scripts and books that have been made into movies such as One Missed Call, Don't Say A Word (Michael Douglas), True Crime (Clint Eastwood), and A Shock To The System (Michael Caine).

Andrew Klavan is currently working on The Last Thing I Remember, a young adult novel that is very politically incorrect. Pre-publishing reviews have elicited responses from liberals such as "jingoistic paranoid" and "rah-rah patriot." Jeanine Garafalo would probably it "redneck racist."

The novel is about a kid who is abducted by an organization of Islamic terrorists and American traitors who sympathize with them. I can't wait to read it and I hope it is made into a movie by someone who isn't a liberal. I know, that really narrows down the choices but there are conservative movie makers out there.

Please America, let's support Andrew Klavan. It is people like him who have an opportunity to help turn this country around and get it off the road of self-destruction.

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